3 Questions Answered About Insuring Your Firearms

1. Does my homeowners insurance cover my firearm collection?

Answer: A regular homeowners policy provides limited coverage for your firearms. That coverage is usually limited to $1500 for losses caused by theft. The coverage also limits the losses your collection is insured against to, “named perils”, such as theft and fire.

Solution: We offer enhanced home policies with many of our companies that provide more coverage for firearms, up to $5000. We also offer both scheduled and blanketed firearm coverage. A schedule or a blanket can cover your firearms for “all risk”. Your firearms are covered beyond, the normally covered perils, to include things like losing a firearm because of a capsized duck boat or damages from breakage caused from dropping a weapon while hunting.

2. Do I have to give you each individual firearm’s serial number and other details?

Answer: If you are scheduling a firearms collection each firearm and it’s information would need to be listed on the policy.

Solution: By covering your firearms on a blanket policy you can insure your entire collection without giving the details of each firearm. Your entire collection would be covered up to  a certain value. This works great for all but the most expensive individual firearms.

3. Is it expensive to insure my firearms?

Answer: It is more affordable than ever to insure your firearm collection and there are better options than ever.

Solution: By combining you home, auto, and firearms collection under the same company you can save up to 30% on your home and auto. Your firearms collection can be insured for as little as $10 per $1000 of coverage.

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