Auto Insurance Tips for Your Young Driver

A 16-year-old with a brand new drivers license is full of excitement and ready to hit the road. While they are excited, parents are often worried about their safety and the cost of adding them to their insurance.

A new driver is more expensive to insure than someone with a history of safe driving experience. But there are things that you can take advantage of to help make that more affordable.

  1. Compare rates with an independent agent - Companies rates and offerings vary greatly for young drivers. An independent agent has access to multiple companies and can find the best solution for your unique needs.
  2. Take advantage of multi-policy discounts. Most companies will give a discount for combining your home and auto policies. Look for companies, like Travelers, that go beyond the normal discounts and apply discounts for rental properties, umbrella policies, scheduled valuable items and boat policies.
  3. Good Student Discount – Getting good grades pays in reduced premium. You can save up to 18% if your young driver maintains a grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  4. Take Advantage of Occupation Discounts- Occupation discounts apply across the entire auto policy. Teachers, Attorneys, Doctors, Engineers, Scientist and Law Enforcement Officers commonly are eligible for occupation discounts.
  5. Safe Driving – Requiring your young driver to maintain a safe driving record can go a long way to keeping them safe and helping you to keep an affordable rate on your insurance. Many companies will not accept drivers with any incidents and under 3 year so of driving experience.
  6. Traffic School – Since companies have such strict requirements for young drivers make sure if they get a violation and qualify for traffic school, that they take it and turn in the necessary paperwork.

When does it get better?

After 3 continuous years of experience and, 1 violation or 1 property damage only accident, drivers are eligible for  a “California Good Driver Discount”. This discount usually is around 20%.

Insuring Families Since 1963

Ever since we wrote our first policy in 1963 we have focused on insuring families.  We have the right solution for your young driver.

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