Avoid Our Most Common Home Claim and Keep your Rates Down

Our most common homeowners claim is for; personal property stolen from a vehicle. Over 1.95 million car breakins are reported to police annually in these United States. Many clients think since the property is stolen from the vehicle that the coverage applies from the auto policy. The majority of auto policies exlude coverage for personal property even when it is in your vehicle.  Personal property in your vehicle ultimately is covered from your homeowners policy.

The damage to your vehicle such as, a broken window or stolen in-dash stereo, is covered on your auto policy. Your perosnal property is covered on your home policy. So a car break-is a double whammy in that you maybe responsible for two deductibles, the auto and home. Or if the claim doesn’t meet your deductible the entire damage may be out of pocket.

Preventing claims can go a long way in making sure you are getting the best value from your insurance. Leaving expensive personal property in your vehicle, even when locked, is an invitation for a loss and a claim.

Here are some quick tips to help prevent breakins:

  1. Don’t keep valuable items in your car if at all possible
  2. Hide items that may clue in thiefs as to valuable electronics such as: chargers, suction cups for gps and plugins for IPODS
  3. Park in a visible spot
  4. Turn on your alarm and leave the windows shut

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