Can I insure my home business under my homeowners policy?

Running a home based business is becoming very popular. However, without proper insurance, there may be some major gaps in your business’s coverage. Traditionally, a home based business would purchase a “commercial insurance” policy. Unfortunately, that coverage was often expensive and many insurance companies limited their writing  of home-based businesses.

The good news: it is now possible for many types of home-based businesses to purchase insurance as part of their homeowners policy. Kemper Auto and Home offers “Home Business” endorsements for several classifications of home businesses. Coverages can be provided for business liability, loss of business income, business property, extended business income and extra expense. These coverages can be applied to many types of home businesses including accounting, bookkeeping, product sales, and crafts made in the home.

The premiums are very affordable and vary based on each risk. If you would like to talk more about insuring your home based business give us a call 661-327-5531 in California, 208-366-8366 in Idaho. You can  also complete a quick online quote  or or email us.

Crosby and Crosby Insurance Services is licensed to write business in California, Idaho, and Wisconsin.


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  1. Cheikh says:

    This is pretty coommn practice and it’s not just pitts. Chows, shephards, dobermins, etc. There are some agencies that are now insuring homes if your dog gets a good citizen certificate. It takes training and hard work. There are probably several trainers in your area that do this kind of work. So get on the phone and find an insurance company that will insure you under these conditions and then get the training going. Good luck.

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