Can I transfer a Travelers home policy I wrote through Geico to you?

Yes! Geico does not write a homeowners policy so they are basically agents with Travelers. By writing a  Travelers home policy through Geico you miss out on one of the great things about Travelers… Multi-policy discounts! Travelers offers one of the best multi-policy discounts in the industry, up to 30%.

Since your auto is with Geico and home with Travelers you are missing out on that discount. Doesn’t saving 30% off of your home policy sound like a great idea? In addition you don’t even need to rewrite the policy. We can complete an “Agent of Record” change and simply appoint Crosby and Crosby as your new agent on the account. It is one page and takes less that a minute to complete. 30% in 1 minute? I think that is a better slogan.

Plus, we think it is pretty great to have a local agent you can trust to handle your account. We are a little better looking than a cave man and simply smarter than a gecko. But hey, we like cute commercials too!

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