Our Idaho Course of Construction Insurance is Now Easier to Quote and Issue

Are you getting ready to break ground on construction of your Idaho dream home? It is now easier than ever to get a course of construction quote with Crosby and Crosby Insurance Services.

A Course of Construction / Builders Risk Policy That Rolls into a Homeowners Policy

In the past, the normal course of action to insure a home during construction would be purchasing a “course of construction” policy. These policies generally provided coverage for direct physical loss to the building and materials during construction. This could be losses caused, for example, by fire or even theft of building materials. There are several coverage issues with this option such as the unability to provide liability coverage and expense.

Our new favorite option is the ability to issue a full homeowners policy with a special endorsement to cover “course of constuction”. The benefits of this policy include:

- Lower insurance cost vs a traditional “course of construction” policy.

- A broader coverage option that also includes “personal liability” for the premises.

- The ability to save more by packaging along with you auto policy.

- A quick and effecient quote process that can provide an accurate quote to you the same day

Getting a Course of Construction Quote In Idaho

Our Idaho office can provide an immediate “course of construction” quote. We are https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/prix-du-cialis-20mg/ available at 208-366-8366. You can email us at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com. You can now get an online quote comparing all of our course of construction options.



Travelers Insurance Expands Mobile Tools with Android Application

travelers2If you haven’t had a chance to visit Travelers Mobile Tools page take a look at their new Android application in addition to their existing iPhone, BlackBerry and mobile web applications.

The new Android and iPhone applications help you take the right steps and keep you calm if you are involved in an accident. You can even begin the claims process immediately.

Of course your Crosby and Crosby personal agent is always available to quickly help you with any claim at 661-327-5531 in California or 208-366-8366 in Idaho.

What is the loss payee for Kern Schools Federal Credit Union?

Did you receive a letter in the mail or just finance a vehicle with Kern Schools Federal Credit Union? No problem it is simple… You must carry $1000 or less comprehensive and collision deductibles and list Kern Schools as loss payee:

Kern Schools Federal Credit Union                                                                                       

PO BOX 40490

Bakersfield, CA 93304

Are you a member of Kern Schools? Both Safeco and Progessive offer members of Kern Schools a discount on their auto insurance. Give us a call 661-327-5531 or complete an online quote.

Why Most Insurance Quotes Are Boring


Get an instant comparison insurance quote with us now

We talk to people all day long who are shopping for new insurance. Most of them are reluctantly doing their insurance shopping because they were forced to by bad customer service and a lack of options with their current company or agency. In a daze they spit out the same information over and over again as they go from agency to agency being asked exactly the same questions in exactly the same way.

There is no reason getting an insurance quote should be boring! You are doing something that will help to protect your family and hopefully is going to help you get a better value along the way.

Why should you go through the repetitive task of comparing exactly the same coverage over and over and hoping you come across a good deal?

There is a better way to shop for insurance. It starts with having several options and companies to chose from and ends with building a relationship with a trusted agent that can help you to make the best decision on your insurance.

Whether you prefer to call us on the phone or complete your quote online with Crosby and Crosby you are going to get several quotes with different options to compare. You can save time and compare options from great companies like Travelers, Kemper Auto and Home and Safeco Insurance.

You can call and discuss your quote with one of our agents at 661-327-5531 or if you prefer you can quote online now.


Quote and Buy Safeco Insurance Online and Get a Great Agent

There is certainly a lot of benefits to shopping for your insurance online and being able to quote and even purchase a policy online. With Safeco’s new quote and issue feature you can take advantage of Safeco_2colorthe best of both worlds by purchasing a policy online and at the same time partnering with a great agent.

Many people think buying direct from the company can save you money. Whether you buy insurance directly from Safeco or from our agency the cost is exactly the same. What you get when you purchase your insurance through our agency is a trusted partner. As a, H.K. Dent recognized agency, Crosby and Crosby Insurance has been recognized as one of the top 10% of all Safeco agents in the nation.

The 1-on-1 Difference

With Crosby and Crosby Insurance you are assigned one agent that will handle your account during your application, will assist you with claims, and will be your independent advisor to make sure you are getting the proper coverage.

Get a quote now!!!

You can quote online 24 hours a day and even purchase the policy.






Contact Us

If you have questions or would like help with your quote call us at 661-327-5531 in California, 208-366-8366 in Idaho or toll free 1-888-710-7816.

Crosby and Crosby Insurance Services is licensed to write business in California, Idaho, Washington and Wisconsin.

What Should I do if I am in a Auto Accident?

First off take a deep breath! Surely there are a million thoughts going through your head. If you have done your homework and chosen to protect yourself with a great insurance agent, caraccident1like Crosby and Crosby, your insurance is adequate and standing by to assist you in getting you back on your feet.

Once you have taken a big breath and accessed any immediate medical concerns for yourself and your passengers the following steps will help you to be safe and gather the information that you need.


  1. If possible move your vehicle to a safe location out of traffic.
  2.  If needed call 911 for medical or police.
  3.  Gather a pen and paper or even better yet your camera cell phone.
  4.  Document the time, location, conditions and the names of any witnesses available.
  5.  If you have a camera phone take pictures of the location, damage to any vehicles and with most newer phones you can even take a photo of the other parties documents.
  6. Exchange information with the other party. Do not admit fault! It is best to settle your emotions and let the police and insurance companies sort out fault.
  7. Turn your claim in. We are available to help, check out our claims page.

A great tool for those with an i-Phone or a Blackberry is Travelers (you can use with any of our companies for free) new app that can walk you through everything you need after an auto claim and help you to get the claim started right on your phone. You can find the apps and the mobile site available to anyone with Internet on their phones here.

What to expect from us once you have turned in a claim?

After you have turned in a claim with us you will hear from a claim adjuster within 1-business day. The adjuster will help to get your vehicle repaired and handle any bodily injury damages that occurred. They also can help you to get a rental car if you have chosen to carry rental car coverage.

As your agent we are always your independent advisor and can help to answer any insurance questions that you have, help to explain the claims process or help to solve any issues with your claim.

What to do before your claim!

The time to worry about your insurance coverage is certainly not when you are sitting in your wrecked vehicle. The best thing you can do for your own peace of mind is discuss and/or review your insurance needs today. We can help to evaluate you current needs in our 5-minute insurance review.

We are waiting for you to call us today to review your coverages. Go ahead and test us, I will bet we answer on the first ring! 661-327-5531

It’s Travelers Insurance Not Travellers Insurance and Yes They are Awesome!

Did you know that last month there were over 400,000 searches online for Travelers Insurance? Another 140,000 searched for “Travellers” insurance. We can tell you that it is a travelers2single “l” and Travelers is one of the companies we are very proud to represent.


Why are they great?

- Wrote the very first  auto insurance policy in 1897 (it cost $11.25 per year-wow)

- Rated A+ Best by AM Best

- Offer innovative coverages that fit you individual needs for home, auto and business insurance

- A member of the DOW Composite

- Multi-policy discounts up to 30%

- Superior claims service when you need them

Travelers also has some great commericals.


To get a quote with Travelers Insurance through Crosby and Crosby Insurance in California, Idaho and Wisconsin visit our quote page, call us at 661-327-5531 or 208-366-8366 in Idaho. You can email us at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com or use our live assistant below to chat now.

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Is NRA Insurance the best way to protect your firearms?

Being a member of the NRA has many benefits including coverage for your firearms. I often am asked, “is the NRA insurance the best way to hollandandhollandprotect my firearms?”

The insurance policy offered to current members of the NRA covers, “firearms, airguns, bows and arrows against theft, accidental loss and damage” up to $2,500.

Insuring Larger Collections

For some gun owners the included NRA insurance may provide adequare coverage. You can purchase additonal coverage under the NRA plan for $17.40 per $1000 in coverage. 

For collectors, shooters and hunters that have substantially more expensive firearms collections the best bet is looking for a policy that offers “blanket protection”. Many gun owners do not want to provide serial numbers for each firearm to an insurance company. A “blanket” policy covers the entire collection without any need to hand over serial numbers or even details on your collection.

Limits per firearm up to $10,000 are available. For more expensive firearms a “schedule” can provide protection for the highest value items. Scheduling a firearm requires a serial number, description and many times an appraisal.

Benefits our our firearm coverage:

- rates as low as $12 per $1000 in coverage

- ability to cover firearms up to $10,000 in value under a blanket policy

- covers firearms for “all risk” includes damage, accidental loss and theft

How we insure firearms?

For our clients we offer “blanket” and “scheduled” policies as part of a home insurance package. We represent great companies that offer specific coverage on both liability and property that gun owners appreciate.

Here are just a few of the firearms we are currently insuring for our clients…

M. Padrone Chukar Model – $6,000

Colt SAA- $3,000

Holland and Holland 12 ga- $12,000

Winchester Model 42 Pigeon Grade- $4500

Contact us and talk about your insuring your firearm collection

You can get a live online comparison quote with us here. To talk with us about insuring your gun collection, call us at 661-327-5531 in California, 208-366-8366 in Idaho

Come visit us in Bakersfield at 111 “H” Street

Or email us at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com Learn more about us online www.crosbyandcrosby.com or more about firearms insurance at http://www.crosbyandcrosby.com/category/firearms-coverage/

You can chat with us below…

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Some of our favorite gun sites are:




Savings Alert: New Occupation Discounts with Safeco Insurance

Safeco_2colorSafeco Insurance now offers up to a 15% discount for certain occupations on their auto insurance. Safeco expects that up to 25% of its customers will qualify for the discount ranging from 10%-15%.

Highly Skilled Workers 15%- Doctors, Attorneys, Pilots, Accountants

High Educated Workers 10%- a broad range of occupations for those with 4-year degrees

Contact us today to find out if you qualify for the new discounts.

By Phone: 661-327-5531

By Email: agent@crosbyandcrosby.com

Learn more online: www.crosbyandcrosby.com

For other ideas about  Safeco Insurance view our Safeco Blog Posts.

To stay up-to-date on our newest ideas on how to get better insurance and save check out of Facebook page.

Other things we are reading today about insurance:

Winter Weather Tips for the Insurance Information Institute

How To Insure Your Teenage Driver

teencarCrosby and Crosby Insurance has always focused on providing  insurance for families. An important time for families and a stressful time for the budget is when a teen driver gets their license. Let’s, face it, young and unexperienced drivers are expensive to insure. Insurance companies cannot base their rate on the age of the driver but they do base rates on the “years of experience”.

We have always represented great companies that offer a good value for families with first-time drivers. Fortunately there are some great tips to make sure that your insurance is up to par without breaking the bank.

- Take advantage of every multi-policy discount
We now have discounts up to 30% for combining multiple policies such as: home, auto, umbrella and valuable items. Combining your accounts is simply the best way to get a better value.

- Review your coverage limits carefully

With a teenage driver on road you need to make sure you have reviewed your coverage limits with a great agent. Inexperienced drivers are more likely to cause an accident and if inadequately insured your financial interest may be at stake. Consider different coverage options as well as a personal umbrella policy.

- Choose your teenagers vehicle carefully

A large part of the cost of insuring a young driver is the physical damage coverage or the coverage to their vehicle. If you can find a trustworthy vehicle that you can insure without physical damage coverage you can cut the premium by up to 50%. A 4-door vehicle as opposed to a 2-door is likely to be more affordable. The same for a 4-cylinder over a 6-cylinder.

- An Indepedent Agent Can Offer More Options

We love the fact that we have multiple companies to offer our clients. A company that is very competitive for less experienced drivers today may not be next year. We have the flexibility to provide mulitple coverage options with several great companies.

- Need to know more? Let’s talk!

We love to talk about all things insurance and are available to answer your questions. We can be reached at 661-327-5531 in our Bakersfield office, in our Idaho office 208-366-8366 or by email at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com . To chat live with us use the link below.

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