A Great Wild Duck Recipe

As the waterfowl season draws to a close our freezer is full of great tasting waterfowl. If you are looking for a good tasting recipe for your ducks make sure to check out one of our favorites.

duckFirst off I pluck their breast so I have a nice layer of fat. I usually run water over the duck and pluck out the small hairs that are left over before I fillet the breast off the duck. Some people burn them off with a torch.

- Wild Duck Breast
- Olive Oil
- Seasoning (I use just a general dry rub type seasoning with plenty of pepper)
- Mango Juice

Once you have removed your duck breast score the fat side diagonally with a sharp knife. That will help the fat to render (crisp) up. Season the duck liberally and rub the seasoning into the meat. A great tool for marinated meat is a vacuum sealer. I vacuum seal all my meat before it goes in the freezer to preserve the freshness. It also works great by opening the pores of the meat to take in the marinade. Add a couple of table spoons of olive oil to the vacuum bag and vacuum seal the duck. You can refrigerate it over night to get a good marinade.

Starting with a cold pan place the duck breast skin side down and turn the heat to medium. Once the fat has been rendered and is crisp flip the breast and sear for a minute flesh side down. I use Bolthouse Mango juice and just pour enough to cover the breast. Transfer the breast to the oven and finish for 6-8 minutes at 400 degrees. You want the duck to be medium rare.

Allow to rest for 3-4 minutes and slice diagonally.

With a store-bought duck you can render the fat and skip finishing it in the oven. Wild duck has so much less fat it doesn’t take as long to render and by transferring it to the over you will get a better cooked duck.

Our 2010 Antelope Hunt

Many of our customers are out in the field around the country hunting this fall season. We got out for a quick 2010 Wyoming Antelope hunt and our freezers are full of meat and our smoker is working overtime. Make sure you send us your hunting pictures and stories this season!

Scott Crosby with his 2010 buck

Scott Crosby with his 2010 buck

Ryan Crosby with his 2010 Buck

Ryan Crosby with his 2010 Buck

Our “Very Favorite” Dove Recipe

dove September 1st is  a very special time of year for us and  many of our customers. A morning dove shoot, Basque food for breakfast (lunch if you shoot bad) and a great afternoon BBQ, is local tradition. Here is our “very favorite” dove recipe for a great kickoff to September and another hunting season.


Dove Breasts, sliced jalapenos, red onion cut into small pieces, bacon, seasoned salt or other seasoning

1. Remove dove breast from bones keeping the membrane holding the two breast attached, this will give you a single piece and make a nice pocket

2. Liberally apply seasoned salt to both sides

3.  In each section place 1 slice of jalapeno, 1 piece of red onion and a crumble of blue cheese

4. Close breast section up to form a pocket and wrap 1/2 slice of bacon around each portion and close with a tooth pick

5. Grill over medium high heat until bacon is crisp. This will leave the dove a perfect medium rare and soften the blue cheese.

  Have a great shoot and be safe. Always remember the 3 basic rules of firearm safety…

1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

What will my insurance company say about my guns?

It is such a common question and often fills internet forums- “What will my insurance

When we aren't helping people with insurance we are likley in the field or on the range

Ryan Crosby on the range-"When we aren't helping people with insurance we are likley in the field or on the range"

company or agent say about my guns?” Hopefully they will ask when would be a good time to meet at the range and try them out!

We would probably tell you our liking for; large caliber Glocks, American Rifles and Italian shotguns.

If you are concerned what your company or your agent will say if you inquire about your insurance and firearms, you may need to reconsider who you do business with. If you collect firearms and are involved in shooting sports or protecting your family by carrying a firearm open or concealed you need to have a conversation with your insurance provider.

The Collection: Insuring your collection of firearms has never been easier. There are now options that can cover your entire collection under one “blanket” limit. You can avoid the issues with serial numbers and potential issues with that information entirely.

The Protection: Participating in shooting sports is statistically less likely to cause injury than many other hobbies. But potential liability issues are often highly publicized and litigated. Whether you need protection for sports or personal defense you need to know if you liability coverage fits your needs.

Lets talk guns: If you are located in California, Idaho or Wisconsin we would love to answer your insurance questions and talk about guns. We can always be reached at 661-327-5531, 888-710-7816 or by email @ agent@crosbyandcrosby.com

Don’t Forget Arizona Elk and Antelope Tags Due 2/09/10

Remember to put in for your Elk and Antelope tags in Arizona. They are due Arizona Elk and Antelope Tags Duein their office by 02/09/10.

AZ Hunting Regulations

AZ Application Sheet

AZ Fish and Game Website

Talk to us about your gun collection and ATV coverage. Go and shoot a trophy!