Savings Alert: New Occupation Discounts with Safeco Insurance

Safeco_2colorSafeco Insurance now offers up to a 15% discount for certain occupations on their auto insurance. Safeco expects that up to 25% of its customers will qualify for the discount ranging from 10%-15%.

Highly Skilled Workers 15%- Doctors, Attorneys, Pilots, Accountants

High Educated Workers 10%- a broad range of occupations for those with 4-year degrees

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Update: Travelers Insurance Enhances Coverage for Identity Theft

In 2009, 11.1 million adults were victimized by Identity Fraud. In addition to the $25,000 in coverage offered Travelers has added additional coverage to meet insureds needs. Some of the coverage enhancements that have been added include the possible reimbursement of expenses such as:

  • expenses related to medical identity fraud,
  • expanded attorney fees for tax and employment fraud,
  • travel expenses up to $1000/week for up to 5 weeks when victims are required to travel to the jurisdiction in which the identity fraud took place,
  • expenses and fees associated with acquiring new identification cards, drivers licenses and passports.

In addition Travelers provides customers access to a consumer fraud specialist that can assist in the process of restoring their identity. Joe Reynolds, Identity Fraud Product Manager for Travelers said, “a survey of Travelers claims data show that most people fall victim to identity theft through old-fashioned tactics such as stealing someones license, passport or Social Security card and then committing complex frauds with the easily acquired information.”

Remember to keep your important documents secure- if you haven’t done so speak with us about Identity Theft Insurance. It is available for all Travelers homeowners, renters, and condo customers  for $25 per year. We also offer Identity Theft Protection for our customers insured with Kemper Auto and Home and Safeco.

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Crosby and Crosby Recognized as a Safeco, H.K. Dent Society, Agency

We all like awards and little things to remind us that we are doing a greatjob. We have had a long-term relationship with Safeco Insurance for more than 30 years and were recently recognized into Safeco’s, H.K. Dent Society.Safeco_2color

Fewer than 10% of Safeco agents qualify for membership. Qualification is based on business premium, profitability and tenure.

Safeco traces it roots back to the programs namesake, Hawthorne K. Dent, in 1923. Our roots as an agency go back to 1963 and a shared philosophy with Safeco; to provide the best insurance to the best risks.

Dent was credited as saying, “Insurance produces nothing, it replaces. We have nothing to sell except goodwill and confidence”.

In that shared philosophy we continue to serve our customers and are proud to be recognized into the H.K. Dent Society and represent Safeco Insurance.

Census Daily Feature on Travelers Insurance


Profile America — Friday, February 5th. Car insurance is both required and a major item in the budget of most households. The idea of insuring cars against accidents began this month in 1898 when the Traveler’s Insurance Company issued a policy to Dr. Truman Martin of Buffalo.  His policy cost $12.25 and gave him $5,000 in coverage.  Martin was chiefly concerned about accidents between his automobile — one of fewer than 4,000 in the entire country at the time — and horses, which numbered about 18 million.  Now, cars and trucks outnumber horses more than 247 million to just over 9 million. The average car costs its owner $817 a year to insure. You can find these and more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau, conducting the 2010 Census beginning April 1st.


              Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970, p. 520, 716, 1208  

              Statistical Abstract of the United States 2010, t. 1186, 1060

Profile America is produced by the Public Information Office of the U.S. Census  Bureau. These daily features are available as produced segments, ready to air, on a monthly CD or on the Internet at (look for “Multimedia Gallery” by the “Newsroom” button).