Home Insurance Getting Cancelled Because of Claims? 3 Tips to Get Your Insurance Back on Track

At the very core insurance is meant to protect you from the unexpected. Sometimes the unexpected events can add up and even the best insurance clients can end up with multiple claims over a short period of time. In today’s insurance market many customers are finding themselves in the position of being cancelled from their current homeowners companies for 1 or more losses in the previous 5-years. Often, these are customers that have been with the same company for a decade or more and may have gone without claims for years. If you find yourselve in this situation rest assured that you do have options to get your insurance back on track.

- Shop Around with an Independent Insurance Agent

An independent insurance agent represents several homeowners insurance companies. By offering a broad array of companies with different criteria an independent agent can match each client with the best company available. Companies all have different underwriting requirements. Some companies will not consider new policies with any prior claims and others may be willing to write new policies with multiple claims. Companies may classify losses diferently. Many companies will not count wind related claims, such as a blown down fence.

- Make your Case

If you are facing cancellation of your home insurance for previous claims, don’t give up. Making your case to your current carrier or a new provider can make the difference. What have you done to mitigate the potential for future losses? If you had a loss because of a burglary and installed a central alarm system to prevent future losses companies are interested in hearing that. Your proactive response to protect your home against future losses can make a difference. A few examples would be:

- Water Damage Caused by Ruptured Water Pipe – Updating or Replacing Plumbing

- Damage Caused By Leak in Roof – Roof Replaced

- Loss Due to Wind Damaged Wood Fence – Mitigated by replacing fence with a cement block wall

- Consider a Higher Deductible Option

A higher deductible option on your insurance can help a company consider writing your insurance with past losses. Especially if you have had losses in the smaller range. Many customers are finding that they can save a considerable amount of money and also prevent future small losses by chosing a higher deductible option such as $1500, $2,500 or even $5,000.

- Crosby and Crosby Can Help

If you are confused on which way to proceed and are facing a cancellation notice because of claims we can help. We represent 11 of the best homeowners companies and have many great options to choose from. Our consultive approach and comparative rating can compare many different companies and coverage options in one easy step. Give us a call today, 661-327-5531, send us an email at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com or complete a live comparative quote below.

Tuesday Insurance Questions… Firearms Insurance, Insurance Discounts for Engineers, Insurance Company Ratings

Here is another round of our “Tuesday Insurance Questions”. If you haven’t QuestionMarkalready, make sure to jump into the conversation by ‘liking’ our Facebook Page.

Question: Are my firearms covered on my homeowners policy?

This is one of our most common questions and probably the subject with the greatest amount of confusion. Firearms are covered on your homeowners policy under “personal property” coverage and subject to special limitations.

Firearms are limited in coverage for losses caused by theft. The amount of coverage is often as low as $1500 depending on the policy.

If you have valuable firearms it is very important that you check with your agent to see the specific coverage your policy provides.

You may be best off to add either “scheduled” or “blanket” coverage to your policy. “Scheduled” list each specific firearm and a “stated value” to replace that firearm. “Blanket” coverage provides coverage for an entire collection of firearms up to a total limit without listing each firearm.

By “scheduling” and “blanketing” your firearms you coverage extends to “all risk” and is not subject to your deductible. “All risk” coverage provides coverage against all unintentional causes of loss including breakage and losing.

We have seen it before. Once a Beretta Onyx was dropped nearly 50′ off of rimrock while the insured was hunting. The second was a deer rifle was left leaning against a tree and was gone when the mistake was realized and the insured returned.

For more info you can view our previous post on this subject… 3 Questions Answered About Insuring Your Firearms or Is the NRA the Best Way to Protect My Firearm Collection 

Question: What kind of insurance discounts for engineers do you offer?

We offer both auto and now homeowners discounts for engineers. If you are employed as an engineer we offer up to a 17.5% discount.

Question: How can I tell what an insurance companies rating is?

We often talk about the “rating” of an insurance company in regards to its financial stability. Those ratings are given by companies such as A.M. Best. 

The importance of financial ratings is mainly the stability of the company. An insurance company with excellent financial ratings is more likely to have stable rates and less fluctuation than lessor rated companies.

In regards to the claims and customer service aspect of a specific company we think the best idea is to talk to a trusted agent. As an agent we deal with the claims and customer service aspect of insurance companies. That experience allows us to offer insight into what to expect from each specific company.

That completes this weeks questions. We hope it was helpful. We look forward to your comments or questions!

You can reach us @ 661-327-5531 or by email at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com

Tuesday Insurance Questions… Are insurance policies all the same, Best Bakersfield Health Insurance, ATVs in a Garage

We have another batch of our “Tuesday Insurance Questions”. If you have questions about insurance send us an email at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com.

Question: Are all insurance policies the same?

The answer is loudly a big shouting “NO”!!! On the basic level of the actual policy contract and how it is written companies use a similar form. The key word is similar. How does your policy wording cover things like- water backup, valuable items like your jewelry and firearms and your liability? Especially with so-called “tiered” policies the policy contract can vary drastically even within the same company.

It pays to speak with a knowledgeable agent like Crosby and Crosby to discuss specific contracts and policy coverages.

Some policies are the Motel 6 of the insurance world and some are the Ritz. Spending a $100 per night at a Motel 6 is probably a rip-off but probably is a great  deal at the Ritz. The same goes with insurance. Make sure you are getting a great deal at the Ritz and not paying for bargain basement coverage. And never forget to watch for bedbugs!

What is the best health insurance company in Bakersfield?

Health insurance is one that we have seen a ton of changes within the last few years and the markets can change literally overnight. Depending on your individual situation and the coverages that you are looking for the company may be different.

We offer coverage from Anthem, Blue Shield, Aetna and now Kaiser. These 4 companies can give us a great snapshot of the best company for your needs.

To get a health quote you can complete the online form, email our health agent Jennifer Crosby at jenni@crosbyandcrosby.com  or give us a call 661-327-5531.

Are my ATV’s covered under my homeowners insurance while they are in my garage?

This is a very common question and usually gets lumped in with dirt bikes, off-road vehicles,  personal watercraft, and power boats. Your homeowners policy very specifically excludes  coverage for, “Motor Vehicles or all other motorized land conveyances”.

If you vehicle is not subject to motor vehicle registration and is used for service at your residence or for the assistance of the handicapped it may be covered.

If you have a ATV or off-road vehicle such as a dirt bike or dune buggy please speak to us about coverage.

Coverage is very affordable and you do not have coverage on your homeowners policy even while in your garage.

That wraps up this “Question and Answer”. Make sure to send us your questions! 


Tuesday Insurance Questions… Best Homeowners Insurance in Bakersfield, Million Dollar Liability Limits

QuestionMarkWeek #2 of our “Tuesday Insurance Questions. If you have an insurance question send us an email at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com

Question: What is the best homeowners insurance company in Bakersfield?

We all know of the tremendous growth in Bakersfield the last 30 years. Each individual zip code in Bakersfield is going to have different rating. As an independent insurance agency we have several great companies that are likely to be very competitive in each zip code along with providing the valuable coverage that you need. If you are speaking about the “best company” there is going to much more than price.

We know price is important but you should never sacrifice coverage or peace of mind. If you are looking for the very best coverage “enhanced” homeowners policies from Travelers, Kemper or Safeco provide additional coverage at a reasonable price when combined with your auto policy.

Can I get $1 million liability and unisured/underinsured motorist coveage on my vehicle without an umbrella policy?

Yes!!! Travelers Insurance now offers coverage limits up to $1 million for automobile liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The benefits of $1,000,000 in limits on your auto policy in addition to or without an umbrella policy are that you are able to protect yourself and the passengers in your vehicle if you are injured by a uninsured or underinsured motorist.

To check with us on any of your insurance needs give us a call at 661-327-5531 in California or 208-366-8366 in Idaho. You can email us at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com.

Tuesday Insurance Questions… Insurance for Boats, Moving Your Insurance to Idaho, Wood Shake Roofs

QuestionMarkToday we are kicking off our new Tuesday Insurance Questions to help answer all of your insurance questions plus anything else you can throw at us. If you have a specific question you would like us to answer send us an email at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com.

Question: What is the best way to get insurance on my boat and what coverages should I choose?

Answer: The days of having to write your boat with a separate company from your home and auto insurance are in the past. The best way to get both the best value and the best coverages for your boat is combining the boat coverage with your home and auto insurance. For example Safeco, Kemper and Travelers all now offer excellent boat coverage for everything from wake boarding boats to bass boats. The best thing is that adding a boat policy may actually give your a discount on your other policies such as auto and home!

A boat insurance policy is going to have several options. You are going to want a policy that offers “agreed value” in the event the boat is destroyed. That is the policy will pay a value that is agreed to on the policy as opposed to a depreciated amount. Don’t forget coverage for the trailer and personal property such as fishing equipment and electronics that you may keep on the boat.

Last but not least you are going to want to discuss your coverage needs for both liability and uninsured boaters coverage. Don’t skimp on the uninsured boaters coverage! Many boaters on the water chose not to carry any coverage and in the event they cause an accident the uninsured boaters coverage will protect your and the passengers on the boat.

Question: I am moving from California to Idaho and need to transfer my insurance. How do I do that?

Answer: Many agencies are to be licensed to do business only in California. Crosby and Crosby is both licensed to write insurance in Idaho as well as having a local office in Boise. If you are currently insured with Travelers, Safeco or Kemper we can help you to transfer your existing California policy to Idaho and maintain all longevity credits that you are receiving. Our phone number in Idaho is 208-366-8366.

Question: I have a wood shake roof and am currently getting cancelled by my current insurance company. What can I do?

Answer: We have written several blog post about wood shake roofs including this one, “The Best Way to Get Homeowners Insurance for a Wood Shake Roof”. If your roof is in relatively good condition and less than 25 years old we can help find you great coverage. You can even quote and purchase online here.


Crosby and Crosby Insurance is a leading independent agency for great companies like Travelers, Safeco and Kemper Auto and Home. We are licensed in California, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Wisconsin.

We can be reached to answer any of your questions at 661-327-5531 or 208-366-8366 in Idaho or you can email us at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com

Should I Purchase Earthquake Insurance?

Should you purchase earthquake insurance for your home? That is a question that we hear often because homeowners insurance companies in California are required to offer

USGS Earthquake Map

USGS Earthquake Map

earthquake insurance to their policy holders. You will always receive an offer when you write  a new policy and at least every other year after that.

Should you take that offer?

You should make that decision based on the following 2- questions:

Could an earthquake destroy my house?

Would a earthquake destroying my home cause me to go bankrupt or have great financial pain?

Both of those answers are clearly; YES! If you live in the Western United States we are always waiting for the “big one” that would destroy our home in seconds. The damage or destruction of your home would cause the vast majority of us to go bankrupt or have great financial pain in trying to recover.

“Isn’t Earthquake Insurance very expensive”? Earthquake insurance rates have been falling in recent years and are quite affordable. Most homes in California can be insured for earthquake coverage for a few hundred dollars per year. Insurance Companies tend to have short memories and the Northridge Earthquake in 1994 was the last major earthquake event in California. In fact the Northridge Earthquake completely reshaped the California home insurance market with as much as $25,000,000,000 in damages.

“Isn’t Earthquake Insurance very limited in what it covers”? As rates have fallen, the coverage offerings have also improved. You can now purchase a policy with a lower 10% (as opposed to 15%) deductible, increased coverage for personal property, loss of use and building code upgrades.

“How do I purchase coverage”? Most earthquake insurance is required to be written through your homeowners insurance policy. Many companies allow you to purchase earthquake insurance at any time during your policy (prior to a loss of course). Some companies only allow you to start an earthquake policy when they offer it each or every other renewal.

“If I have a big loss and my home is destroyed I am sure the state or federal government will help me to rebuild”. It is actually a very common response when talking about earthquake insurance. We help our customers protect themselves and their families and it certainly is not prudent to “hope” that the government will step in to help when you need them.

If you have questions you can talk to us by phone 661-327-5531 or by email at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com. You can also complete an instant quote here.


Is NRA Insurance the best way to protect your firearms?

Being a member of the NRA has many benefits including coverage for your firearms. I often am asked, “is the NRA insurance the best way to hollandandhollandprotect my firearms?”

The insurance policy offered to current members of the NRA covers, “firearms, airguns, bows and arrows against theft, accidental loss and damage” up to $2,500.

Insuring Larger Collections

For some gun owners the included NRA insurance may provide adequare coverage. You can purchase additonal coverage under the NRA plan for $17.40 per $1000 in coverage. 

For collectors, shooters and hunters that have substantially more expensive firearms collections the best bet is looking for a policy that offers “blanket protection”. Many gun owners do not want to provide serial numbers for each firearm to an insurance company. A “blanket” policy covers the entire collection without any need to hand over serial numbers or even details on your collection.

Limits per firearm up to $10,000 are available. For more expensive firearms a “schedule” can provide protection for the highest value items. Scheduling a firearm requires a serial number, description and many times an appraisal.

Benefits our our firearm coverage:

- rates as low as $12 per $1000 in coverage

- ability to cover firearms up to $10,000 in value under a blanket policy

- covers firearms for “all risk” includes damage, accidental loss and theft

How we insure firearms?

For our clients we offer “blanket” and “scheduled” policies as part of a home insurance package. We represent great companies that offer specific coverage on both liability and property that gun owners appreciate.

Here are just a few of the firearms we are currently insuring for our clients…

M. Padrone Chukar Model – $6,000

Colt SAA- $3,000

Holland and Holland 12 ga- $12,000

Winchester Model 42 Pigeon Grade- $4500

Contact us and talk about your insuring your firearm collection

You can get a live online comparison quote with us here. To talk with us about insuring your gun collection, call us at 661-327-5531 in California, 208-366-8366 in Idaho

Come visit us in Bakersfield at 111 “H” Street

Or email us at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com Learn more about us online www.crosbyandcrosby.com or more about firearms insurance at http://www.crosbyandcrosby.com/category/firearms-coverage/

You can chat with us below…

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Some of our favorite gun sites are:




How do I get insurance for a home with a wood shingle roof?

Question: How do I insured my home with a wood roof?

woodshakeThe Crosby Solution:

Insuring a home with a wood shake roof has become more difficult as many insurance companies have decided not to offer insurance on homes with wood roofs. In addition, many companies have age restrictions on wood roofs and since most builders stopped using wood roofs in the late 1980′s age restrictions are causing many people to be cancelled or have difficulty finding insurance.

The insurance solution for you wood roof depends on what sitution you fall under.

My roof is newer than 25 years old and in good condition

If your roof is newer than 25-years-old and in good condition finding a great policy to meet your needs is as simple as talking to an independent agent like Crosby and Crosby or getting an online quote now. You should not be required to pay a surcharge for a wood-roof less than 25-years old and can find a highly rated, preferred company to write your policy. To judge the condition of your roof there should not be; excessive curling of the shingles, missing shingles, or loose shingles on the roof.

My roof is older than 25-years-old or in poor condition



 - The best option would be to find a company that offers a full “homeowners” or HO-3 contract. The policy will likely be more expensive but in the event of a loss such as, wind damage to the roof or water leaking through the roof and damaging your contents, you will have the coverage that you need.

Roofs with loose, missing or curled shingles require specialized insurance

Roofs with loose, missing or curled shingles require specialized insurance

If you roof is older than 25-years-old or in poor condition it will be harder to find  a company to meet your needs and will likely be more expensive. But, if you are trying to buy some time before paying to replace the roof there are some options.



- Another option may be to find a policy with an exclusion for losses arising out of damage to the roof. Because coverage is limited you should only consider a policy like this if your roof is in very bad repair and there is not another option.

Contact us for more information

If you have a question about insuring a home with a wood roof we would love to help. We are licensed to do business in California, Idaho and Wisconsin and can answer insurance questions for homes in those states. You can get an instant quote here. You can contact us at 661-327-5531, 208-366-8366 (Idaho), by email at agent@crosbyandcrosby.com or by using our live help link below during normal business hours.


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3 Questions Answered About Insuring Your Firearms

1. Does my homeowners insurance cover my firearm collection?

Answer: A regular homeowners policy provides limited coverage for your firearms. That coverage is usually limited to $1500 for losses caused by theft. The coverage also limits the losses your collection is insured against to, “named perils”, such as theft and fire.

Solution: We offer enhanced home policies with many of our companies that provide more coverage for firearms, up to $5000. We also offer both scheduled and blanketed firearm coverage. A schedule or a blanket can cover your firearms for “all risk”. Your firearms are covered beyond, the normally covered perils, to include things like losing a firearm because of a capsized duck boat or damages from breakage caused from dropping a weapon while hunting.

2. Do I have to give you each individual firearm’s serial number and other details?

Answer: If you are scheduling a firearms collection each firearm and it’s information would need to be listed on the policy.

Solution: By covering your firearms on a blanket policy you can insure your entire collection without giving the details of each firearm. Your entire collection would be covered up to  a certain value. This works great for all but the most expensive individual firearms.

3. Is it expensive to insure my firearms?

Answer: It is more affordable than ever to insure your firearm collection and there are better options than ever.

Solution: By combining you home, auto, and firearms collection under the same company you can save up to 30% on your home and auto. Your firearms collection can be insured for as little as $10 per $1000 of coverage.

We can be reached by phone in California at 661-327-5531, in Idaho at 208-366-8366, by email agent@crosbyandcrosby.com or live chat below.

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Crosby and Crosby Insurance has been helping our customers find great insurance since 1963. We are licensed to write business in California, Idaho and Wisconsin.

Can I insure my home business under my homeowners policy?

Running a home based business is becoming very popular. However, without proper insurance, there may be some major gaps in your business’s coverage. Traditionally, a home based business would purchase a “commercial insurance” policy. Unfortunately, that coverage was often expensive and many insurance companies limited their writing  of home-based businesses.

The good news: it is now possible for many types of home-based businesses to purchase insurance as part of their homeowners policy. Kemper Auto and Home offers “Home Business” endorsements for several classifications of home businesses. Coverages can be provided for business liability, loss of business income, business property, extended business income and extra expense. These coverages can be applied to many types of home businesses including accounting, bookkeeping, product sales, and crafts made in the home.

The premiums are very affordable and vary based on each risk. If you would like to talk more about insuring your home based business give us a call 661-327-5531 in California, 208-366-8366 in Idaho. You can  also complete a quick online quote  or or email us.

Crosby and Crosby Insurance Services is licensed to write business in California, Idaho, and Wisconsin.

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