Claims 101- Why We Are Here

Ultimately you purchase insurance to protect you in the event you have a unforeseen claim. No one plans to have a claim, but what can you expect when you have one?

Turning a Claim In

Turning your claim into your company is the first process in getting your damage repaired. As your agents we’re always available to help. Our companies claims departments are open 24/7/365 to get your claim started. Most offer the ability to turn your claim in online. You can view our online claims page to get stated.

What’s Next?

Once your claim has been turned in, you will receive a claims number and the contact information for the claims adjuster. That adjuster will contact you within 1 business day to begin the process of repairing your damage.

Crosby and Crosby will also receive a confirmation of your claim and be able to assist you along with the company.

Why you have an agent

Claims can be a very confusing time, especially for people who are not use to dealing with claims. As your local and trusted agent we are here to assist you and walk you through the claims process. The number one issue that we deal with is miscommunication between the claims adjuster and the insured. Claims adjusters deal with claims everyday. Many of our insureds dealing with claims for the first time.

As your agent we advocate for you and can help to smooth over the claims process and address any concerns that you, our client, may have.

Peace of Mind

Our history as a local agency for the last 48 years was built on giving our customers peace of mind. We represent the strongest companies and have long relationships with them. You can expect extraordinary service if you have a claim!


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