Confused with your Options on Bakersfield Health Insurance?

crosbyandcrosbyfacebookWith all the talk of Obamacare and health care reform it is easy to get overwhelmed.  PPOs, HMOs, HSAs… there are enough abbreviations and codes to make most people just give up.  If you are frustrated and confused with your health insurance let us help.  At Crosby & Crosby Insurance we offer quotes on all plan types available and help you pick the one best for you or your family. 

 Depending on your need we can find a plan that fits both your coverage needs and your budget.
 At Crosby & Crosby Insurance we work directly with Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna and Kaiser to provide you with a perfect fit.  Many of our plans now cover preventive care at no additional charge to you—that’s right, the deductible and/or co-pay may be waived for routine preventive care depending on the plan you choose.  Plans are also available that cover up to 4 doctor visits per year with a small co-pay, no deductible applies. 

Not interested in doctor visits or preventive care?  We also have plans available with high deductibles and low monthly premiums for you.  These plans are better suited for those that are more concerned with a major illness or accident being covered than a routine doctor visit.
 Let us take the confusion out of health insurance for you.  Start by getting an online quote , call us today at 661-327-5531, email our health insurance department at, or stop by our office at 111 H Street.


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