Customer Profile, Josh and Janae Witcher

witcherWe are proud of our insureds and their impact on the community. We were very glad to see one of our long-time customers, Josh Witcher, featured as the CIF ” Baseball Coach of the Year” in the Bakersfield Californian. In addition, Josh and his Frontier Titans brought home a Division II Valley Championship this year in a great season. I know Josh puts his heart and a ton time, into baseball and it is a great accomplishment. Way to go, Josh!

Josh and Janae have been our insureds since they were just married. Over the years their needs have changed as they have two beautiful additions, Grace and Brogan. One of the great things of being insured with an independent agent is- the ability to fit your policy to your individual needs as they change.


Question: We love the fact that we can offer teachers a 12.5% discount on their auto insurance. This along with having a multi-policy discount for your home, auto and boat makes us pretty competitive. You originally had Geico which promises to save you a pile of cash… Why did you switch?

Answer: “I was with Geico for a long time and of course wanted to keep my insurance rates low and have good coverage. I called Crosby and Crosby each month and told them to try to beat it and I would move! One month, it happened, Ryan Crosby called and said I beat Gieco with your teachers discount, if you are still willing to come over? I said, “I told you if you can beat Geico! You have me as a customer!” Ever since I moved, I could not be happier! I know my home, boat, RV, and cars are protected very well! I have compared prices with other agencies and I am proud to say Crosby and Crosby is still my #1!”

Question: You have sent over a lot of people to Crosby and Crosby for insurance. Why?

Answer: I have recommended Crosby and Crosby to everyone I have chatted about insurance with because they are the best! I have had one claim and couldn’t ask for better customer service! I did not have to worry about anything, Crosby and Crosby, treated me first class all the way. The claim was easy and I didn’t stress a bit! The price to insure my family and  most valuable possessions was PRICELESS when it comes to insurance, but Crosby and Crosby provides a great value on our insurance.

Question: We always try and offer innovative insurance products to meets our customers needs. You recently were looking for insurance on your IPhone which is a rather unique thing to insure. What did you think of our solution?

Answer: The solution beat the competitor’s price, again! I was very pleased to know that Crosby and Crosby offers so many unique coverages. The iphone is an expensive piece of technology, but to know that it is insured and at a very reasonable price, it couldn’t be beat! Crosby and Crosby saved me over $150 over the course of 2 years with their program to insure my iphone! That was great news! Thank you!

Question: What was the bigger thrill for your life so far? Winning the 2010 valley championship in Baseball or writing your insurance with Crosby and Crosby? Go ahead be honest!

Answer: I have to say winning the 2010 Valley Championship beats writing my insurance with Crosby and Crosby any-day, but I know I can feel comfortable when I register my Valley Championship ring with Crosby and Crosby Insurance to insure that it is protect for life, or until I win another one! Thank you Crosby and Crosby for making my life so much easier!


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