Dealing with Rain, Wind and Weather Related Insurace Claims

January and February are our biggest months for weather related losses in Bakersfield. So what is the best way to handle these claims?

1. Secure your property against further loss. For a covered weather related loss- the insurance company will reimburse the out of pocket expenses to secure your property against further damage.

2.  Turn in your claim directly with the carrier.

Travelers: 1-800-252-4633 – Safeco 1-800-332-3226

Kemper Auto and Home: 1–888–252–2799

For other companies and to turn in claims online:

3. A claims adjuster will contact you within 1 business day. Crosby and Crosby will be notified of your claim and we will follow-up to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. We can be reached at 661-327-5531.

4. Rest assured that with any of the companies we represent you are dealing with a great company that will quickly, effciently and fairly handle your claim. Plus Crosby and Crosby as your local agent will be there to assist you through your claim.

If you are unsure if you have a covered claim or need assistance don’t hesitate to contact us 661-327-5531 or email us at agentatcrosbyandcrosbydot com.

Weather related claims information

Rain: Covered losses include the damage caused by leaking or damaged roofs.  Secure your home against further damage and contact your company directly.

Wind: Wind related losses are the most common type of losses in Bakersfield. Damage to roofs and/or fences are the most common.

Other Weather Related Claims: Auto accidents increase during wet weather. Make sure to exchange information with the other people involved in the accident and get contact information from any witnesses.


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