Don’t Get “April” Fooled by These Tricks

April 1st is a good day to pull a fast one and get a few laughs. Getting tricked on your insurance is not a laughing matter.

Don’t be caught by these tricks we have seen. They appear to save you money. But they do that by giving you less coverage.

Reducing or Removing Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: With most reports showing up to 1/3 of drivers being uninsured and a vast majority carrying minimum liability limits “uninsured and underinsured” motorist is one of the most valuable coverages you can purchase. There is no reason to reduce and especially not remove this valuable coverage from your policy.

Deleting Physical Damage Coverage from a vehicle:  There are many things that you need to consider when deciding to cover the physical damage to your vehicle or not cover it. Simply by deleting the coverage and showing the lower premiums as a “pile of cash” isn’t getting you a better value for your insurance.

Home policies with artificially low dwelling replacement costs: Most insurance companies use a 3rd party to help determine what a home needs to be insured for. Too many times that coverage amount is lowered to create a lower rate. Once the company completes a replacement cost estimation that coverage amount is raised and the result is an increased premium.

Don’t be fooled by many of the unfair and not so funny tricks that are out there in the insurance market.

Talk to us about coverage issues and how we can or can continue to sensibly provide you a great value for your insurance.


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