“Good Will and Confidence” – Thats What He Said

Selecting your insurance agent and company is a little different than smelling a tasty melon at the market or trying on another pair of shoes. So what ultimately do you hinge your decision on? Insurance is something you can’t smell, can’t look at in the mirror and ultimately comes in a rather large envelope with similar sounding terms and conditions.

Are all insurance companies the same? Is insurance just a commodity where the lowest price is the winner?

H.K. Dent, the founder of Safeco Insurance, said, “Insurance produces nothing, it replaces. We have nothing to sell except goodwill and confidence”.

So rather than producing a tasty melon that you can enjoy or a pair of shoes that look and fit great- we produce “goodwill and confidence”.

The good will and confidence; that assures you that you are getting the best value for your insurance, that lets you know a friend will be sitting on the other side of the desk when you need us and that our experience will help you to make the best decision, choosing your insurance.

Ultimately insurance is not equal. We have built our careers and our business on providing great insurance and a tremendous value to our customers. Our customers can feel, “the good will and confidence” we have been producing since 1963.


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