Great New Years Ideas for your Insurance

Always on the list for New Years: eat better, lose weight, exercise more…

What about some great ideas to put on your list to get your insurance policies up to date and save a little money… Here you go!

  1. Check on raising your deductibles on auto and home insurance. If you haven’t had a chance to review your deductibles lately check with your agent. By taking a little more of the risk you can sometimes save several hundred dollars per year. Save on your budget!
  2. Combine your policies. By combining home, auto, umbrella , valuable personal property such as firearms and rings, dwelling fire, boat and motorcycle policies you can maximize your savings and coverages. Save on your budget and protect your family!
  3. Complete a home inventory. In the case of a fire or burglary a home inventory will help you put the pieces back together. You can complete a free online inventory here. Organize and Protect
  4. Review your policy limits with your current needs. Finding out that you don’t have the correct coverage after a claim can be a financial disaster. Prepare, Protect
  5. Consider an umbrella policy! There is not a cheaper protection than an umbrella policy. With some companies now offering additional discounts for having an umbrella a $1 million policy may now only cost you less than $10/month. Protect, Prepare, Save on your budget.

We have lots of other great ideas to get better coverage and get a great value for your personal insurance!



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