Help! Why did my home insurance go up?

In the last few years insurance rates have been relatively stable. But several factors may impact your insurance premium this year.

  1. Losing a discount for a newly purchased home. Some companies offer discounts for newly purchased homes that drop off as you have lived in your home longer.
  2. Losing a discount for age of your home. Companies often use your homes age as a rating criteria.
  3. Inflation Index increases. Your homeowners policy likely has an inflation index to make sure your policy stays up with the increases in what your home’s replacement value is.
  4. Company has taken a rate increase since your last renewal.

dontwaitWhat to do about it!

Shop around! Our customers have the advantage of all the companies we represent. We are always able to compare rates from our great carriers. If you aren’t a customer we can compare from great companies like Kemper Auto and Home, Travelers and Safeco and find the very best policy for you.

Take advantage of new discounts! Companies are now offering even higher discounts for combining your policies. Make sure you are up to date with all the available discounts.

Review your coverages! Make sure your coverages are up to date. There are new deductibles available that may fit your needs. Where you usually had the option of $500, $1000 or  $2500 you may now be able to chose from others including $750, $1500, $2000, $5000.

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We offer innovative homeowners insurance from great companies like Travelers, Safeco, and Kemper Preferred. We would be glad to answer any questions that you have and show you how easy it is to switch your homeowners insurance even if it is billed to your mortgage impound account.

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