Home Insurance in Tehachapi and Bear Valley After the West Fire

The  West Fire that burned nearly 40 homes southeast of Tehachapi has changed the home insurance market in that area. Many insurance companies are now tightening their underwriting requirements and causing many homes to become difficult to insure. If you are buying a home and looking for coverage or having problems with your existing coverage, we have some great solutions.

There still are great companies to insure homes in Tehachapi

Some companies have certainly tightened their underwriting in Tehachapi, but there are still solutions available to get a great policy. We have many companies that are still insuring most homes in the area.

Bear Valley

Bear Valley has a history of taking  precautions with their brush clearances to prevent a major fire. These precautions in addition to being a gated community allow Bear Valley homeowners to continue to be insured by many of our insurance companies.

High Brush Area without Fire Department Protection

If your home is in a high brush area and more than 5 miles away from a fire station, many companies are not willing to write a home insurance policy for you. We have been able to place many of these hard-to-insure homes with our companies that specialize in high risk areas.

An Innovative Solution

For homes that are the most difficult to insure, we have come up with an innovative solution. By writing a policy with the California Fair Plan, we are able to properly cover our insureds with a “wrap-around policy” from another company. The California Fair Plan policy has big gaps in coverage and does not provide a sufficient policy for most homeowners. By writing a second policy as a “wrap-around” we can fill in those gaps in coverage. A “wrap-around” policy may be a good solution for you and can even be used to provide a multi-policy discount.

We can help you find the right policy for your needs

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2 Responses to “Home Insurance in Tehachapi and Bear Valley After the West Fire”

  1. Solveig A. Thomspon says:

    I noticed this, two of my clients opted out of buying, because they did not think the California Fair Plan covered enough plus additional insurance was too costly.
    I would like to investigate two of my listings, so i can tell them what they may expect. I will call you. Also one company still insures here with out all the silly conditions. We have a fire department, we have fire hydrants and we also have a brush clearing ordinance. What gives?


  2. ryan says:

    Solveig, thanks for checking with us. I would be glad to talk with you and answer any questions that you have regarding your clients. We have several companies that are writing regular home insurance for most areas of Bear Valley.

    Bear Valley is unique because you are certainly looking at a different risk down on the valley floor as opposed to the top of Deer Trail.

    Feel free to give me, Ryan Crosby, a call at 661-327-5531.

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