How do I get insurance for a home with a wood shingle roof?

Question: How do I insured my home with a wood roof?

woodshakeThe Crosby Solution:

Insuring a home with a wood shake roof has become more difficult as many insurance companies have decided not to offer insurance on homes with wood roofs. In addition, many companies have age restrictions on wood roofs and since most builders stopped using wood roofs in the late 1980′s age restrictions are causing many people to be cancelled or have difficulty finding insurance.

The insurance solution for you wood roof depends on what sitution you fall under.

My roof is newer than 25 years old and in good condition

If your roof is newer than 25-years-old and in good condition finding a great policy to meet your needs is as simple as talking to an independent agent like Crosby and Crosby or getting an online quote now. You should not be required to pay a surcharge for a wood-roof less than 25-years old and can find a highly rated, preferred company to write your policy. To judge the condition of your roof there should not be; excessive curling of the shingles, missing shingles, or loose shingles on the roof.

My roof is older than 25-years-old or in poor condition



 - The best option would be to find a company that offers a full “homeowners” or HO-3 contract. The policy will likely be more expensive but in the event of a loss such as, wind damage to the roof or water leaking through the roof and damaging your contents, you will have the coverage that you need.

Roofs with loose, missing or curled shingles require specialized insurance

Roofs with loose, missing or curled shingles require specialized insurance

If you roof is older than 25-years-old or in poor condition it will be harder to find  a company to meet your needs and will likely be more expensive. But, if you are trying to buy some time before paying to replace the roof there are some options.



- Another option may be to find a policy with an exclusion for losses arising out of damage to the roof. Because coverage is limited you should only consider a policy like this if your roof is in very bad repair and there is not another option.

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