How do I know how much auto liability insurance coverage I should have?

Figuring out how much auto insurance coverage you need is the most important question you should consider when looking for insurance. Way too many companies and agents approach this question with a cookie cutter amount of coverage which can leave their customers severely underinsured. We liken that approach to purchasing a soda at a vending machine. You only have a few choices, and it may not meet your needs.

Deciding on the proper coverage limits that fit your individual needs starts with a conversation with an experienced and knowledgeable agent. If you are in the process of calling around and getting quotes you will notice that many agents will focus only on beating your current price. They may go as far as not even discussing coverage options with you. Basically if you are an executive and a father of 4 children, your coverage may be the same as a 22-year-old a day out of college. That approach can be detrimental in the event of a claim. It would be like buying a pair of shoes without regards to size because they were 15% less than the shoes you have.

Your conversation with an experienced and knowledgeable agent will always focus on meeting your insurance needs and properly protecting you. Some things to consider when deciding your coverage limits are; income, future income and assets. By first deciding what your actual coverage needs are we can then decide the best company to fit your needs.

Isn’t having really good coverage just too expensive?

By matching up your specific needs with the right coverage and company you can take advantage of some great discounts. Our companies offer discounts for safe driving, multiple policies, specific occupations and more. Not having the proper coverage is too expensive and can leave you in financial ruin.

Needs Change

Your insurance needs change. You need to have an agent that can help you meet those changing needs. You should review your insurance coverage anytime a major change in your life occurs. Examples of some of those changes would be; a change in occupation, marital status, having a child, buying a home.

The great thing about an independent agent like Crosby and Crosby is we offer the ability to meet your needs as your life changes. We offer several companies that offer a multitude of coverage options and enhancements.

So how do I figure out what coverage I need?

If you are new to our agency or want to review your current coverage with us give us a call in our California office at 661-327-5531 or our Idaho office at 208-366-8366. You will immediately see the difference in our approach to insurance and the protection that we offer.


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