How To Insure Your Teenage Driver

teencarCrosby and Crosby Insurance has always focused on providing  insurance for families. An important time for families and a stressful time for the budget is when a teen driver gets their license. Let’s, face it, young and unexperienced drivers are expensive to insure. Insurance companies cannot base their rate on the age of the driver but they do base rates on the “years of experience”.

We have always represented great companies that offer a good value for families with first-time drivers. Fortunately there are some great tips to make sure that your insurance is up to par without breaking the bank.

- Take advantage of every multi-policy discount
We now have discounts up to 30% for combining multiple policies such as: home, auto, umbrella and valuable items. Combining your accounts is simply the best way to get a better value.

- Review your coverage limits carefully

With a teenage driver on road you need to make sure you have reviewed your coverage limits with a great agent. Inexperienced drivers are more likely to cause an accident and if inadequately insured your financial interest may be at stake. Consider different coverage options as well as a personal umbrella policy.

- Choose your teenagers vehicle carefully

A large part of the cost of insuring a young driver is the physical damage coverage or the coverage to their vehicle. If you can find a trustworthy vehicle that you can insure without physical damage coverage you can cut the premium by up to 50%. A 4-door vehicle as opposed to a 2-door is likely to be more affordable. The same for a 4-cylinder over a 6-cylinder.

- An Indepedent Agent Can Offer More Options

We love the fact that we have multiple companies to offer our clients. A company that is very competitive for less experienced drivers today may not be next year. We have the flexibility to provide mulitple coverage options with several great companies.

- Need to know more? Let’s talk!

We love to talk about all things insurance and are available to answer your questions. We can be reached at 661-327-5531 in our Bakersfield office, in our Idaho office 208-366-8366 or by email at . To chat live with us use the link below.

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