Kemper Auto and Home is Now Kemper Preferred and Better Than Ever

Effective August 25th Kemper Auto and Home is now Kemper Preferred. The company feels the name change more accurately reflects the customers they design their products and services for- people like you!

We talk a lot about all insurance companies aren’t equal and all policies aren’t equal. Kemper Preferred is a company that puts a smile on our face. With Kemper, we know our cleints consistently receive superior products, services and claim handling that exceeds expectations and needs.

Have you considered Kemper Preferred?

Kemper offeres great coverage for your home, rental or condo, auto, boat, valuable, collectibles and excess liability needs.

Other than us telling you how wonderful they are we thought we should point out some of the benefits of their policies…

  • A package home and auto policy, yep thats one policy # and policy package per year for both your home and auto insurance. (Don’t worry we can separate the billing if your home is mortgage billed)
  • A blanket coverage for your dwelling, other structures and loss of use. 1 single coverage amount that lets you use coverage where you see fit.
  • Increased valuable items coverages for your important possesions like jewelry and firearms.
  • Auto policy limits for towing up to $300 and rental car coverage up to $75 per day!

Kemper designs superior products and services for people like you. They offer 4 different homowner’s contracts that will meet you personal insurance needs, regardless of your life state. We are especially proud of their Ultimate protection and and coverage such as:

  • All perils coverage for personal property includes normally excluded coverage like breakage. Can you say, plasma falling off the wall?
  • $15,000 in water backup included and up to $50,000 available. Yes water backing up through a sewer or drain is exluded on many homeowners policies.
  • $50,000 in Identity Fraud Protection
  • $10,000 in automatic jewelry coverage for losses caused by theft and $5000 for firearm losses caused by theft.
  • Up to 100% of Blanket Coverage for Ordinance or Law Coverage.

Are you preferred?

If you have a good driving record and are a responsible homeowner Kemper Preferred can help you to get a great value on your insurance. That is great coverage at an affordable price!

How to get a Kemper Preferred Quote or Contact Us

You can quote Kemper Preferred with our online rater now, give us a call in California at 661-327-5531 or in Idaho at 208-366-8366 or stop by our Bakersfield office at 111 “H” Street.

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