Not Another Boring Single Option Insurance Quote

Getting insurance quotes may be the most boring and tedious thing to do next to watching paint dry. We know how it usually goes; get an agent on the line, spout off your current coverages, hear some typing on the other end, and cross your fingers that it saves you a few bucks. Is that really the best way to purchase insurance? Isn’t it an awful lot like purchasing your insurance from a vending machine? That may work for some people but quite honestly it doesn’t work for our clients nor is what they have come to expect from us the last 47 years.

“Quote” or “Needs”?

Think about this, how many times when you get a quote is there even a faint mention of assessing what your actual needs are? Whether you are a millionaire doctor or a college student the agent in a montonious tone spits out a “quote” all the same. But don’t you have actual insurance “needs”? We certainly know that value is important to everyone. But what else is important? Could you afford a $2500 deductible if you had a loss on your home? Would the state minimum auto insurance protect your family and your wealth if you were involved in even a minor accident? Would having to pay to rent a car while your car is being repaired from an accident strap your budget? If that great wedding ring you cherish were to lose the center stone would you be able to replace it without great financial difficulty?

The Single Company Quote

Buying insurance through a virtual vending machine is bad enough. But, what if that vending machine had only a single choice? We have always believed our customers deserve the choice of several highly rated insurance companies. Some companies provide a better value for a certain zip code or age group. One company may provide the exact set of coverage options that you need. We always quote several great companies to meet your individual needs.

A Single Coverage

Did you know that raising your auto coverage limits for example, from 100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident to $250,000 per person/$500,000 per accident, may cost you less than $100 per year. Or that adding valuable items coverage, for $10,000 in jewelry, may actually save you more money on your auto policy, with a mult-policy discoun,t than the premium for the additional coverage? There are many options that you should consider when purchasing your insurance. Insurance is too valuable to look at only a single coverage option.

Not another boring insurance quote

We talk to plenty of people that are doing the tedious task of flipping through the phone book and checking on insurance. Usually, those people are half asleep with their eyes surely glazed over waiting for another boring insurance quote. They quickly awaken as we take a different approach to their needs. You see, we don’t look at the person on the other end of the line as someone we can write quick, make a few bucks and then is going to ride off into the sunset in 6-months. We are more concerned with assessing what your actual needs are and finding you the very best company to meet those needs. Our clients become a long-term and trusted relationship that we cherish. More than often they become friends and we simply wouldn’t write friends with anything less than coverage that actually met their needs.

Our process is pretty simple and it doesn’t take a lot of time, just a little bit extra that can go a really long way. After our review that usually takes less than 5 minutes we will have several great options with different companies for your review. Even if you ultimately chose not to use us as your agents, our needs review can be very valuable.

Now doesn’t that make a lot more sense than flipping through the phone book all day and hearing exactly the same pitch?

Not for everyone

We certainly know that this approach is not for everyone. But, it is the right approach for people that value really great insurance and options. We value each one of our current and our future customers and always intend a relationship that is based on mutual trust and value. We focus our time and resources on the best customers!

Start a different approach to your insurance needs today

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