Switch Insurance Companies without Breaking your Budget

With Christmas time here and much of the budget set aside for gifts and travel it is easy to put off switching insurance companies. Don’t put it off! It is easy to switch companies and get a better value without paying  a big down-payment. Here are our best ideas for switching companies without breaking your budget:

  1. Look for an independent agent. Insurance agent and broker are used pretty loosely. In a snap, an agent is a representative of the company and all premiums you pay go toward your policy. A broker on the other hand will likely charge you an additional “brokers fee” up front to write your policy. An independent agent represents multiple companies that will best fit your individual needs.
  2. Consider setting up an automatic payment plan from your checking account or credit card. Many companies will only require a single month payment to start a new policy if you chose an auto-pay option. Both Kemper and Safeco require only 1-month down and Travelers adds an additional billing option to both their 6 and 12 month policy for auto-pay.
  3. Take advantage of discounts. By combining multiple policies you can reduce your premiums. Also consider occupation discounts for teachers, accountants, doctors, engineers, scientist and law enforcement.

With the right company and a knowledgeable agent it should not break your budget to switch companies. Take care of one of those new years resolutions early and find a better value for your insurance with Crosby and Crosby.


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