The Best Way To Get Insurance On Your Classic or Antique Auto

Are you sure that antique beauty tucked away in the garage under a brand new coat of wax is properly insured? Classic autos have some unique coverage needs. First and foremost is 1965 Mustang Fastback With Cammer Enginethe valuation of that vehicle.

Cash or Stated Value

The cash value of a vehicle is essentially the market value with standard depreciation. Companies use many different ways to figure out a fair cash value including averaging recent sell transactions for similar vehicles and Kelly Blue Book values.

You don’t want a cash value on your classic auto!!!

What you are looking for is a stated value policy! That is a policy that states in the event of a total loss of your vehicle in a collision or other than collision loss the insurance company will pay you a settlement based on the stated value on your policy. For example your vehicle had a stated value of $20,000 and the vehicle was stolen the company would pay you $20,000 minus any applicable deductible.

Determining the “stated value” of your vehicle is best done with a professional appraisal of your vehicle.

Not only is it better coverage but a stated value policy might save you money

Most classic autos are being driven on a part-time basis and aren’t regular commute vehicles. By listing a vehicle as a classic auto, with stated value, you can take advantage of company discounts for part-time vehicles.

If you have another vehicle for your regular commute you may qualify for a discount.

Our Solution… Combine You Accounts

A quick google search shows that there are quite a bit of companies offering coverage for classic autos. Most of those are policies are specifically for your classic auto and are going to be an addition to your current auto policy.

Our solution is several of our great companies like Safeco Insurance that can put your classic auto on your regular auto policy. This allows you to take advantage of discounts with your other policies like your home, umbrella, motorcycle and boat policies.

You have the great “stated value” policy that you need with a lot less paperwork and added savings.

Contact Us About Your Classic Auto Insurance

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