The power of a local Bakersfield Insurance Agent

The convenience of being able to shop for insurance, pay your bill, and access your account, online- is a wonderful thing. Just last week before leaving for a trip I noticed my ID card had just expired. I walked inside and logged into my account and just like that my printer was printing out my latest ID card.

Our website brings together all of the companies we represent. You can access billing, account information and even turn in a claim 24 hours a day.

But what if you need that face to face service that a purely online or out of town agent cannot help you with?

Here are a few of the most common situations that we are able to provide a superior level of service to our clients…

Claims: We represent some great companies and demand that the companies we represent treat our customers fairly and efficiently in a claim. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and honestly the claims process can be confusing to a customer who is not use to dealing with claims.

By being able to meet face-to-face or even to speak with someone who is very familiar with your account can make the claims process a little easier.

Consult: Sometimes a claims adjuster can have 50 or more open claims in-front of them. Dealing with so many claims can leave the adjuster seeming a little brash and the customer wondering exactly what is going on. We as independent agents can sit back and take the time to explain the claim process and details in a more human way. We know each of our customers as an individual and can help you with your claim.

Advocate: If you write a policy with a direct writer without an agent; what happens if you have a serious issue or are being treated unfairly? You are left with speaking to someone who works for the insurance company or someone else who works for the insurance company!

In 1963 we decided the best way to serve our clients was as an independent insurance agent. We do not work for the companies we represent. If you are being treated unfairly or have a major issue with a company, we are always available to advocate for our customers; YOU!

Policy Rate Changes

Insurance companies rates vary from year to year. One year one company may be very competitive and the next year another company. Several years ago there was a major insurance crisis in California. Homeowners policies were being cancelled or the rates were doubling. Auto insurance was rising by 20% per year and billing options were being shrunk.

We added several companies to better assist our customers.

If our customer has a significant rate change we can look for another company that better fits their needs. They already have a relationship with our agency and they don’t have to go looking for another agent to help them and start all over.

We are all for technological innovation that make things easier on your our customer. But when technology offers a barrier to what you need, service, we will be there for you too. Face-to-face!

We are proud to represent great companies like: Kemper Auto and Home, Travelers and Safeco Insurance. Please follow the links to view their customer access pages. We think you will like them.


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