Tips for Bass Boat Insurance and Bass Tournament Insurance

It is the season to look for the bass to be heading shallow and spending a nice spring day sight fishing. It is also the time bass tournaments get in full swing.bass_boat

Before you hit the water this spring there are a couple of things to consider for your boat insurance.




  • Speed limititations- many companies have speed limitations for the bass boats they will insured. We can write insurance on any bass boat. 
  • Your Gear- it is easy and simple to cover your gear on your boat policy. From rods and reels to tackle your gear can be covered in case or fire, theft or accident.
  • Electronics-Some companies cover electronics as part of the entire boat coverage. Others require electronics to be covered separetely.
  • Bass Tournament Liability Coverage- Tournaments are requiring liability coverage up to $500,000 to enter. We can help with the paperwork needed.
  • Full Replacement Coverage- Make sure to have full-replacement cost coverage on your boat. That way nothing is depreciated and you are paid the “agreed” or “insured” value of the boat.

We have great boat companies like Travelers, Foremost, Progressive and Safeco. We can help you to find the best coverage for your bass boat at a reasonable price.

You can quote online at or by phone 661-327-5531.


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