“We Will Take Care of That” – Customer Service

handshakeThe amount of insurance advertising now days is staggering. Every company seems to promise 15% or more savings over the next company.

Most of those companies all have one thing in common… Your coverage needs aren’t going to be considered and you won’t have a personal agent to deal with.

What our customers have come to expect, and our unique value, is the great relationship they build with their agent.

It is amazing to me how many, even local companies, write a policy and then push the client off on a customer service department never to be spoken to again.

Just the other day I received a phone call from a client that I have a long relationship with going back handling their insurance for over 8 years. They were out of the country and their daughter had just been involved in a minor accident. It was through that long-term trust I was able to tell them, “we will take care of that”. They were able to go back to their vacation and know that their concerns were being handled by their agent.

We wouldn’t offer insurance any other way!

Whether you prefer to do business the old-fashioned way and in our local office, directly through our website or on the telephone the one thing you can depend on is that you will have a personal agent to handle your needs.

Give us a call 661-327-5531 or 208-366-8366 and a real-live (gasp) person will pick-up the phone to assist you. Your call and your business is too important to us to leave it to an automated phone system.


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