What happens to your auto insurance when you get a California DUI?

Each year, in California, over 200,000 drivers are arrested for driving under the influence according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The penalties and monetary fines are steep.

What about your auto insurance? What happens to your auto insurance when you are convicted for drunk driving?

The first thing you probably will think of is that you will be cast off to buying insurance from some pirate, ringing a bell each huge broker fee he charges while slashing your coverages to nothing.

The good news is that many really great companies are now looking closer at drivers with a clean driving record other than an unfortunate DUI. With the nearly zero threshold for having a drink or two and getting behind the wheel many good and safe drivers are ending up being charged with DUI.

Can I keep good coverage and keep my home and auto insurance combined with a DUI on my record?

Yes! Some of our great companies now considering drivers with a clean driving record other than a DUI conviction there is no need to split off your home and auto insurance or slash coverages.

We can offer the liability and uninsured motorist protection that you need and extend multi-policy discounts to help you get the best value even if you have a DUI.

What is a SR-22 filing?

A Sr-22 filing is a filing the insurance company is required to make with the DMV. Normally insurance is tied to a vehicle but the SR-22 ties the insurance policy to the driver for  a period of 3-years from the conviction date. To keep your license active the SR-22 filing and the insurance policy must remain in-force for that period whether or not you own a vehicle.

There should be no “brokers fee” to issue a SR-22 filing.

The insurance company may charge an extra premium to issue the SR-22 filing.

How long does a DUI stay on my record?

A DUI will charge violation points for a 3-year period after your conviction. The DUI conviction will keep you from getting a “California Good Drivers Discount” and limit your insurance options with many companies for a period of 10-years.

How can Crosby and Crosby help?

Our agency is dedicated to helping clients that value great insurance. We understand that sometimes unfortunately some careful and safe drivers can make a mistake and end up with a DUI.

 We can also offer insurance from companies that have the same great coverages and multi-policy discounts that are available to “California good drivers” in addition to helping you complete all the SR-22 requirements.

You can give us a call at 661-327-5531 in California, 208-366-8366 in Idaho, email us, or complete an online quote.

If you have questions about your insurance with a DUI or a SR-22 filing please contact us. We can help!


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