What is Going on with Bakersfield Home Insurance?

I was speaking with a potential new customer on the phone last week about her 20+ year relationship with her current insurance company. Her current agent represents a single company. Over the years her rates have been going up but this newest renewal she had an increase of over 20%.

For the last 5 years insurance rates have been fairly steady. Within the last year many companies have had substantial increases in their premiums.

While speaking with this customer I explained to her the simple but effective way we have been able to help our customers when insurance rates rise.

- Maximize discounts! Many times when a company files for a rate increase they may change or add a new discount to keep the premium attractive to their preferred customers.

- Offer multiple companies! By representing multiple companies we can offer other options. I couldn’t imagine being able to only offer our customers a single insurance company. If one company raises rates we can shop around for the best value for our client.

- Review our clients needs! Sometimes by spending 5 minutes  we can better access our clients changing needs. Many people that were only comfortable with a $500 deductible 10-years ago may be better served with a $1000 deductible today and so on.

By taking advantage of the simple things that I have mentioned above you can make sure you are getting the best value for your home insurance.

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