What will my insurance company say about my guns?

It is such a common question and often fills internet forums- “What will my insurance

When we aren't helping people with insurance we are likley in the field or on the range

Ryan Crosby on the range-"When we aren't helping people with insurance we are likley in the field or on the range"

company or agent say about my guns?” Hopefully they will ask when would be a good time to meet at the range and try them out!

We would probably tell you our liking for; large caliber Glocks, American Rifles and Italian shotguns.

If you are concerned what your company or your agent will say if you inquire about your insurance and firearms, you may need to reconsider who you do business with. If you collect firearms and are involved in shooting sports or protecting your family by carrying a firearm open or concealed you need to have a conversation with your insurance provider.

The Collection: Insuring your collection of firearms has never been easier. There are now options that can cover your entire collection under one “blanket” limit. You can avoid the issues with serial numbers and potential issues with that information entirely.

The Protection: Participating in shooting sports is statistically less likely to cause injury than many other hobbies. But potential liability issues are often highly publicized and litigated. Whether you need protection for sports or personal defense you need to know if you liability coverage fits your needs.

Lets talk guns: If you are located in California, Idaho or Wisconsin we would love to answer your insurance questions and talk about guns. We can always be reached at 661-327-5531, 888-710-7816 or by email @ agent@crosbyandcrosby.com


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