Why Kemper Auto and Home Insurance is right for you in 2010!

Why might Kemper Auto and Home be the right company for your insurance needs in 2010?

New and Improved Discounts

  • Good Driver and Superior Good Driver discount up to 24%
  • New occupation discounts for teachers, California Medical Association members, law enforcement officers including California Highway Patrol and California Correctional Officers, dentist, engineers, pilots, accountants, EMT’s and veterinarians
  • Newly increased multi-policy discounts 15%

Innovative Coverage Solutions

  • Combined home and auto policies into 1-single policy- 1-policy number and a single declarations page make it simple. (Mortgage billed home policies will bill home premium to mortgage)
  • Repair/Replace Coverage for new autos- Includes gap coverage and will repair or replace your vehicle with a new vehicle of similar make and kind for losses not caused by fire, theft or larceny.*
  • Towing Labor coverage limits up to $300 available*
  • Classic and Elite Endorsements include important coverage upgrades in a single endorsement. Includes coverages such as “all risk” coverage on personal property, enhanced personal property limits such as $10,000 in jewelry coverage and $5000 in firearms coverage,  includes “personal injury” protection on liability coverage.*

Local Claims Adjusters to Assist You In A Claim

  • Local claims adjusters that work for Kemper are available to assist you during a claim and get your claims resolved quickly and fairly.
  • Kemper consistently ranks high in claims satisfaction.

*Available by endorsement

It is easier then ever to get a quote with us on Kemper Home and Auto policies. Call us at 661-327-5531 or complete a quote online www.crosbyandcrosby.com


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